Students Spill: ‘Are assemblies worth the hype?’

Lydia Urice

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Seniors Dominic Lee and Makenna Sauter fight for a chair in musical chairs at the Fall Activities Assembly. The fall sports assembly took place Sept. 9, in Roberts Gym. Photo by Lydia Urice

Assemblies are a way for students and teachers to get excited about sports or events related to the high school. There are ones for each season of sports and Turkey Day.

Assemblies have a formula, students, band, sports and an activity- typically musical chairs or knockout- in which representatives from each sport can participate while the school watches.

Students have varying opinions on these assemblies.
“I think it’s fun if you make it fun, if you participate and not dread it,” senior Mirabelle Williams said.

“They’re not really overhyped because I feel like they’re not hyped a ton, but the Turkey Day one with the drumline. That’s a good one,” senior Eric Miranda said.

Senior Solia Simpson enjoys the short-ended classes but thinks the spirit at the assemblies could use some improvement.

“I think we need to do a better job ofgetting lit and hype in the stands. I think everyone needs to do their part and get their spirit up,” Simpson said. “I want the step team to come back.” Participating in the assemblies might be the key to getting the most out of them.

“I normally participate in assemblies, and I find them very fun. I like to get involved in the school and cheer at assemblies,” cheerleader and senior Gillian O’Neil said.

“Being a member of the band, I think they’re quite fun because it’s fun to play music. I think they’re fun if you’re a part of something. If you’re just sitting in the stands, then it’s not really anything, it’s just a way to get out of class,” senior Sam Anderson said.

“They’re overhyped for the athletes, but if you’re a person in the audience, then you’re sitting
there, and you’re like, ‘I don’t know what’s going on here,’” senior Brennan Ulrich said.

One take is that seniors enjoy assemblies the most.

“All the assemblies, they’re very loud, but they’re fun, for some people,” senior Maren Kwentus said.

“I feel like they shouldn’t be required though. They’re more fun for seniors than anyone

“I really enjoy the assemblies, but I think they’re underhyped. Mostly the seniors are always excited about the assemblies, but the freshman and sophomores are usually not as excited,” senior Essence Williams said.

Another take is that freshmen are more excited about the assemblies than the seniors.

“It was cool my freshman year, but now I just get my brother, and we just leave,” senior Jack Callahan said. “I mean it was cool the first couple times, but they just do the same thing over and over again. It’s the same routine; the band plays the same songs. I don’t know; I don’t get that excited for them anymore.”

Senior Drei Luna is just over the assemblies in general.

“[They’re] pretty overhyped. I don’t go to them,” Luna said, “They’re not that fun for me.” Senior Ian McCann thinks no one looks forward to assemblies.

“I don’t think assemblies are overhyped because no one hypes them up; no one wants to go to them,” McCann said.

Featured Graphic by Lydia Urice


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