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film club story
Senior Noah Weihl films senior Luca Giordano for a TV show skit. Photo by Maya Murray

Film Club has been working on making its own films that will be featured in its spring film festival.

The process is collaborative, and that is just one of the reasons, students love it.

“It’s really collaborative. It’s really hard to do with like few people, but it is also hard to do with too much people. It’s like you have to get the right amount in. Film Club’s good at that,” junior Saroya Williams said.

When coming up with ideas for their films, students reflected on how a lot of the ideas come from just brainstorming and bouncing back and forth with friends.

“Well junior Katherine Ragain gave me the idea. We were thinking of ideas for a movie, and she said slasher, and it just kind of unfolded from there. I got ideas from my head, and I wanted it to be a little silly, but also some horror in it, some death,” junior Ruby Coalier said.

Making these films, the club is in groups. In every movie people watch, there is a role to take and a position of being the director. It is important to respect that, according to senior Adreonna Grant.

“If I’m not making the plan someone else is, and I just follow through with what they want to do, because some people interfere with the director’s idea, and I don’t think that’s cool,” Grant said.

One of the important factors in making a film is writing the script.
“Me and my friend were honestly joking. One night we were just writing, and it turned into a script, so it’s pretty good,” Williams said.

The movie’s have casts, including differing grades and one film, “Famiglia,” directed by junior Saroya Williams and junior Vanessa Schroeder, includes a formal film club president, graduate of 2022, Thomas Kessler.

Featured Graphic: Juniors Saroya Williams and Vanessa Schroeder direct their film, “Famiglia.” Photo by Savannah McClendon


Soledad Lee – Business Manager

This will be Soledad Lee’s first year on ECHO Staff. She also made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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