Students Spill: ‘Do you use your locker, why or why not?’

Lydia Urice

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Lockers line the halls of the high school, but in the age of iPads, PDF textbooks and five minute passing periods, lockers are becoming unused.

Upper and underclassmen alike have a similar take on lockers.
“I haven’t touched my locker since freshman year. That whole section in [my] SIS got taken out, like the part where it says locker number and combination is gone,” senior Cole Walters said.

“No, I know where it is, but I haven’t used it since last year. It’s by the coffee shop. I can carry all my stuff in my bag, so I don’t have anything to put in it,” sophomore Ella Schilling said.

Some say it’s a matter of time.
No, it’s so inconvenient. Mine is in the most inconvenient spot in the school. It’s right by Foods [and Nutrition]. There’s just no point in going all the way to my locker, and I don’t have any time anyway,” senior Addy Harrison said.

Others simply don’t have enough stuff to warrant a locker.
“I don’t have anything to put in my locker. I have a parking spot this year, so I put my lunch in my car. I don’t play any sports this year, so I don’t have to use it for that. That’s the only reason I used it freshman year. It’s in the math hallway, so it’s actually really convenient,” senior Ellie Keegan said.

“No, because I decided to consolidate all my crap into one unit then carry that around with me. I started doing it because I was on crutches, and I didn’t have time to go all the way to my locker and back. My locker’s right by the gym,” junior Andrew Brown said.

One student knows where his is located but not how to get in.
“No, I don’t even know what my combination is. It’s right next to Roberts Gym,” junior Dylan Zimmerman said.

The last take is that lockers are just storage, location unknown.
“I have no idea where mine even is,” junior Nate Marshall said.


Lydia Urice – Editor in Chief

This will be Lydia Urice’s third year on ECHO staff. She made several contributions while taking journalism class her freshman year. She was Podcast Editor for her first year on staff, and Junior Editor her second year.

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