Actors in ‘Grease’ build friendships

Jasper Winterton
Contributing Writer

Jeni Carr-Schwartz, freshman, and Ethan Sanders, senior, rehearse the fall play, “Grease,” along with the rest of the cast. Photo by Izzy Brunk

“I became pretty close friends with a few people in the cast,” said Teddy Woldrow, junior, who is playing Kenickie in the fall musical, “Grease,” showing Nov. 10-12, at 7 pm.

Throughout the process of working on the musical, cast members were able to build relationships with each other and gain experience in performing arts.

“Carl, who’s a new student who’s playing Danny, became one of my pretty good friends since we’re best friends in the play and being good friends in real life helps out a lot,” Woldrow said.

The cast has rehearsed around three to four days per week, but as it gets closer to the final performance, it devotes every day after school, except for Fridays, to rehearsing and perfecting the show.

The students who work backstage on the show gain experience on tech and set work while also being able to become more familiar with performing arts.

“I get to move the props to different spots on the stage and stuff like that, and I get to watch all the actors perform and they’re really amazing so it’s a lot of fun,” said Katherine Spellecy, freshman, who works in the props and tech departments for the play.

Hank Yau, freshman, who works the soundbooth said he has learned a lot about how to manage and work the sound system in the play, and it’s been a really nice experience. He says the play has given him an opportunity to branch out in school and try new things, while still giving him time to focus on classes.

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  1. Wow, this was absolutely wonderful and I really appreciated the part about Hank Yau. I am not Hank, but I acknowledge his achievements. I applaud Jasper as-well.

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