‘What do you do on late start Mondays?’

Senior Jude Bronner plays accordion before school at tailgating club. Photo by Luca Giordano

Luca Giordano
Video Editor

Late start Mondays have been in place since 2019, but this year’s late start Mondays have been extended to 9:40 a.m.. Students shared opinions on Late Start Mondays and what they do on those mornings.

For students, late start Mondays provide time needed to fully get ready and wake up. Students can spend this time at home, making breakfast, watching television, or catching up on homework. This extra time in the morning helps them feel ready for the day.

“I love having my mornings to myself. I love to get up and spend some time doing something, and then when I get to school, I am ready,” senior Delaney Sullivan said. Sullivan went to the Mudhouse Cafe on Cherokee at 7 a.m. before going back home and watching television.

Students take the time to go to cafes and stores before school starts for breakfast and coffee. Senior Evelyn Linck went to Schnucks to get breakfast and lunch for later in the day. Sophomore Claire Stevison joined friends at McDonalds for breakfast.

Senior Noah Weihl talks with senior Eli Suppelsa in front of student parking lots before school during tailgating club. Photo by Luca Giordano

Late start Mondays also give students the chance to catch up on homework they might have forgotten to do over the weekend.
“The thing I like about late starts is not feeling rushed in the mornings,” freshman Evelyn Cole said. Cole made breakfast, did homework she needed to catch up on and watched television.

“I can get all of the stuff that I might have forgotten to do over the weekend done in the morning,” senior Logan Storck said. Storck made breakfast and played guitar before school.

Late start Mondays are an opportunity for students to sleep in after a long Sunday night.

“I know some people work Sunday night and getting that sleep is really helpful, and for me, extra time is helpful. Why would you not want to sleep in?” senior Noah Weihl said. Weihl woke up at 8:30 a.m., went to tailgating club, and met with calculus teacher Eric Dunn for help on a test later that day.

Senior Annabelle Mueller flips pancakes before school at tailgating club. Tailgating club meets every late start Monday at 9 a.m. Photo by Luca Giordano

For seniors, late start Monday activities can include tailgating club before school. Seniors meet on late start Mondays outside the student parking lots to eat breakfast, talk with friends and sit on lawn chairs.

“Seniors all get to interact and mingle and it’s a super fun and awesome club and you literally just get to eat breakfast with your friends in the morning. I see nothing but greatness from the club,” senior Sadie Saltsman-Buck said. Saltsman-Buck is the co-president of the tailgating club.

In the future, students plan to do more of the same in the mornings before late starts.


Luca Giordano- Video Editor

This will be Luca Giordano’s first year on ECHO Staff, but he also made several contributions while taking journalism class his junior year.

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