New P.E. teacher recalls how experiences influence teaching style

Arianna Peper
Contributing Writer

Coach Annie Lybarger  teaches different techniques of football to a class on Sept. 19. Lybarger said, “It’s been so exciting to be back at Webster. I have so many great memories as a student here and have loved making new ones as a teacher. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming, I look forward to years to come.” Photo by Arianna Peper

“If I was to go back and tell my high school self something, it would be that my worth isn’t defined by my performance whether than be in sports or school,” P.E. teacher Annie Lybarger said.

As a new staff member, Coach Lybarger has expressed a lot of excitement towards having the opportunity to come back. She grew up and has lived in Webster for the majority of her life, and she attended WGHS.

Afterwards Lybarger got a degree with exercise science as her major. In college she had been a basketball player, and this was an important factor in her life that has shaped her to be who she is today. It helped discipline her and make her understand hard work leading to her to be more organized as of now.

She said many experiences had been important for her developing different life skills and that has helped shape her into the person she is today.

The idea of being able to be active and teaching physical education really appeals to Lybarger which has led her to have taught P.E. and health for the past 17 years and coaching for the past 14 years at Westminster.

Currently she coaches the Varsity women’s basketball team and has said how playing basketball has helped her in “seeing life more than sports and my own achievements.” Lybarger has also competed in many marathons and triathlons as well as doing other sports during high school and college.

Lybarger added she has really enjoyed her time at Webster and developing friendships with other staff members.

Students also think highly of her.

Freshman Megan Parsons said, “Coach Lybarger is super nice and is able to make simple games really fun. She encourages everyone to be active and will work with you when you have problems. At basketball she makes sure everyone understands the goal and is able to include everyone in the drills. She’s a great addition to the teaching staff and I’m really glad I have her.”

Several things have led her to where she is today and all the while Lybarger said she is really excited starting the year off at Webster and getting the opportunity to teach here.

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