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Antonio Ezekiel La Mantia
Social Media Manager/Graphics Editor


Senior Zeke La Mantia compares his six-month old self with his current 2021-2022 school year self. Pictures provided by Zeke La Mantia

To say my time at Webster was well spent would be to lie. It’s fine to admit traditional schooling isn’t for you; it’s also fine to say you’re not part of the percentage of students who have fond high school memories to reflect on, but truly all that tells me about myself and my life is that, I couldn’t have possibly peaked here, and there’s much more waiting for me out in the world.

All of the growth and big life moments I’ve experienced in the past four years had very little to do with this building. While some aspects of my life were maybe made slightly worse by being a high school student and being here at Webster, mostly this building just kept me housed while I grew: keeping me inside–hot in the summer and cold in the winter– just keeping me stable with a sense of routine while the perpetual waiting game began. This would continue for the rest of my life or at least for the next four years, give or take a few quarantines.

I’ve come to realize I’m uncharismatic and unfunny, and that sounds like a problem until you realize that not talking is a great way to combat the fear of saying the wrong thing.

I know everyone wonders why I’m not going into journalism with how many accolades I’ve gotten for my work, but as good as you can be at something, if you don’t hold passion with the subject it’s okay to say it’s not for you.

I thank Donald Johnson, my Echo advisor for being the one constant in my life and for always coming to bat for me. Be prepared to get postcards from me DonJohn :-).
I leave Webster, Echo and the Class of 2022 with a list of my favorite movies, as follows…

“Stardust” (2007)
“Billy Elliot” (2000)
“Inkheart” (2008)
“ParaNorman” (2012)
“The Sorcerer and the White Snake” (2011)
“Spotlight” (2015)
“Struck by Lightning” (2012)
“Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart” (2013)
“Rocketman” (2019)
“Apocalypto” (2006)
“Horns” (2013)
“The Dark” (2018)
“Cry-Baby” (1990)

Zeke La Mantia – Social Media Editor

This is Zeke La Mantia’s third year on with Echo publications. He has earned multiple awards for his photographic contributions.

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