Senior looks back on WGHS’ impact, past and future

Jackson Parks

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Senior Londin Furfaro poses for her senior pictures. Furfaro will attend Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in the fall.

Senior Londin Furfaro could be the picture definition for an involved student at WGHS.

Furfaro said, “I really liked doing everything. I’ve been a manager for the Varsity baseball team all four years, co-president of Interact Club. I was in Best Buddies freshman and sophomore year, helped on the yearbook a bit. I’m in National Honors Society and have been in the marching band/wind symphony for all of my high school career. I also am on the Equity Advisory Committee and have been since freshman year which has recently just started really being noticed finally.”

Looking back, Furfaro is a Bristol Elementary School alum, (“Go Bulldogs!” Furfaro remarked about her alma mater). For her time at WGHS though, she does have advice for a more recent time of her life.

If Furfaro could do one thing differently, she wishes she lived more in the moment.
“I was always so worried about my future, about being successful that I never was able to appreciate the things happening to me and the people I was fortunate enough to spend my time with. I was just so worried about being the perfect student, the kindest person and the greatest version of myself that I lost what mattered. I lost my last moments of childhood, and I wish I could go back and tell myself to just have fun. To live,” Furfaro shared.

Furfaro’s favorite high school memories come from her time managing Varsity baseball.

Furfaro said, “My favorite high school memory would probably be when I managed the Varsity baseball team my freshman year, and we won the Lindbergh Mehlville tournament. It was easily one of the best moments I’ve ever felt. Seeing the team so happy and my brother so excited. They deserved it, and I was able to capture it on a camera. I’d go back in a second.”

After graduation, Furfaro plans to attend Southern Illinois University at Carbondale to major in zoology on the pre-veterinary track. Furfaro strives to become a doctor of veterinary medicine.

“It’s been my dream since I was really little, and I’ve pushed for it all of my life so I don’t plan to give up anytime soon. Along with continuing my education, I really hope that I can maybe start a charity or non-profit organization eventually. It will take a lot of work and time, but it’s one of my goals as of right now in the distant future,” Furfaro said about her plans post-grad.

English and yearbook teacher Amie Keane has known and worked with Furfaro since she was a freshman.
“She is a really conscientious student both in her work and in her interactions with other people. I feel like over the past several years she’s become a really great vocal leader in English classrooms and with her work in Speak Up,” Keane said.
“As a person, she is really kind, and thoughtful and supportive,” Keane said about Furfaro.
Furfaro’s favorite part about WGHS is the sense of community.

“The community showing up for our students and our teachers during times of struggle. Our community showing up during times of excitement and pure happiness. We’re all there really,” Furfaro said.

“Also, the amount of science classes our school offers is amazing. I’ve never heard of any other school that has the classes we have. I feel very grateful for our science program and the many opportunities it has brought me,” Furfaro added.

About how WGHS has impacted her, “Webster shaped me in many ways. I knew going into high school that the private school education wasn’t quite for me. I wanted a diverse school with many different people from all backgrounds. Webster gave me that. It gave me a community of accepting and hardworking people that constantly worked to change and make our school a better place,” Furfaro said.

Furfaro continued, “The thing about Webster is it has a unique atmosphere that you won’t find at any other school. There’s things that only us Webster kids will understand, and it makes us all close to one another. While I am excited to move on to my future and complain about being at school everyday, I will always be at heart a Statesman.”

Jackson Parks – Editor-in-Chief

This will be Jackson Parks’ first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year.

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