Environmentalist to study in Spain

Emily Goben
News/Opinion Editor

Senior Rose Johnson plans to major in environmental science and minor in Spanish at SLU-Madrid next year. . Photo provided by Rose Johnson

Senior Rose Johnson plans to major in environmental science and minor in Spanish at SLU-Madrid next year.

Johnson has been an environmentalist since becoming a vegetarian at the age of nine and attributes these values to her lifelong love of animals and plants.

Johnson’s environmental values combined with her love of science made environmental science a natural major choice for her.

Johnson has been able to travel to Spain over the summers because her dad is a part of the SLU-Madrid program. Johnson said these trips are when she fell in love with Madrid.

“Madrid is just such a liveable city. I just can imagine myself living there for the next four years,” Johnson said.

In high school, Johnson has been involved in German National Honor Society, Feminist Coalition, cross country and track, and is one of the founders of Spanish National Honor Society.

Johnson was awarded the Statesmen Award for cross country this year.
Johnson’s favorite memory from high school was a school trip she took to Costa Rica over spring break.

“I got close with a lot of people that I didn’t expect to,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the foreign language department is her favorite part of the school because of how much all the foreign language teachers care about their students – specifically German teacher Brent Mackey.

“He’s just very supportive. He really cares about his students a lot, and he wants them to learn the language, but he also just wants to make sure that they enjoy his class and have a lot of fun,” Johnson said about Mackey.

Johnson’s sentiments towards Mackey were equally reciprocated: “Rose is a dream student. She’s so well-rounded, well-traveled, mature, fun, smart, etc. She has outstanding character, she’s a leader, she’s personable, and she is self-driven. With her combination of intelligence, drive, and personality, she can do anything she wants with her life, and she’ll excel at it,” Mackey wrote.

The advice Johnson would give her freshman year self: “Don’t take it too seriously. Get enough sleep. If your homework is taking so long that you’re just exhausted from it, just go to sleep and you’ll figure it out. Your grades will be fine.”


Emily Goben – News/Opinion Editor

This will be Emily Goben’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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