Superintendent shares renovation plans for school district

Sam Klein
Podcast Editor

Moss Field home stands to be gutted and redone if renovation plans are passed. Photo by Samantha Klein

Between the muddy fields, leaky windows and the water damage all over Webster schools WGSD has created a plan of attack.
Dr. John Simpson, superintendent, has developed and shaped plans since August of 2021 to help improve school district campuses.
These renovations include making schools and fields accessible, completely gutting and redoing Moss Field, fixing water damage and painting the peeling windows at Hixson.
About how the renovations would be paid for,“We have the ability to do it with a no tax rate increase,” Simpson said. No tax rate increase means citizens of Webster will not be taxed more for these improvements.
“Moss Field is old, has gotten little attention over the years, and it’s in need of just complete and total replacement,” Simpson said about Moss Field renovations. The plans specifically for Moss are to tear down everything, including the concessions, bathrooms and stands.
The field itself will be redone as well with turf to create a better playing experience for athletes. The track will also be turned into an eight lane track instead of six, like most other schools have.
“I’m excited for the new field because then we can play lacrosse in the rain, and it will help make the school look better in comparison to others,” lacrosse manager sophomore Olivia Reisz said.
These renovations still need to be approved. In August was the first time these plans were presented to the board. The board must first approve the projects before the decision is placed on voting ballots. If all goes well, the construction will happen over a span of four years.


Sam Klein- Podcast Editor

This will be Sam Klein’s first year on ECHO Staff, but she also made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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