Review: ‘Ratatouille’ offers family entertainment

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Whether people have childhood memories of watching Disney movies or are catching up with everyone, “Ratatouille,” a Family/Comedy released in June. 2007, is a great example of a movie, this generation grew up with.

Viewers first meet Remy, a rat who lives with his family in a kitchen ceiling but is then pushed away into a sewer during a flood towards the most famous restaurant in France. The restaurant was established by Auguste Gusteau, who Remy greatly admires as a chef.

Remy decides to watch the people cooking in the restaurant’s kitchen. Soon enough he sneaks in and starts adding into a pot of soup on the stove. He makes eye contact with Linguini, the new garbage boy in the restaurant, who previously ruined the soup moments before. Linguini tries to catch Remy, but it ends in the soup getting sent out to the customers. While Chef Skinner is trying to fire Linguini, the critic trying the soup tells them she likes the soup.

Chef Skinner puts Linguini under the position to also cook, since the critic loved the soup so much. When Linguini finds out Remy can talk, they figure out how to get Remy to control him while he cooks. Viewers will see how this dynamic goes down when watching and have themselves be met with many plot twists.

One thing the Pixar team had to do was make the food look real, because it has such a big impact in the story with fancy reviewers the food had to live up to its expectations even in animation. The team also gave the end titles an older look with hand drawn animation as a throwback in a way to older Pixar movies.

This movie is for anyone who has an appreciation for cooking, friendships, and Paris, France.

Ratatouille is a Disney Pixar movie, directed by Brad Bird. Main characters “Remy” and “Linguini” are played by Patton Oswalt and Lou Romano. This movie also features the familiar voice of Will Arnett as “Horst”, if anyone is an Arrested Development fan. It is rated “G” (General Audiences) and won the Academy Award for “Best Animated Feature Film” in 2008.


Soledad Lee – Business Manager

This will be Soledad Lee’s first year on ECHO Staff. She also made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year.

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