Reel Film Club hosts film festival

Lydia Urice

Film Fest
Reel Film Club hosted a festival to show 16 student-made films on April 1, in the auditorium. Photos and collage by Lydia Urice

Sixteen films were featured in the Reel Film Festival which took place on Friday, April 1. 

Fifteen of the sixteen films were made by the Reel Film Club, and one was submitted by senior Alex DeArmitt.

Reel Film Club president, senior Thomas Kessler was happy with how the festival turned out.

“I think it went pretty well besides a few things in the beginning, but that was to be expected seeing as that was our first-time running a thing like that. Overall I think the crowd was great and that we put out a good show.”

Junior Noah Weihl, member of Reel Film Club, was also pleased.

“There was a bigger turnout [about 50] than I thought, mostly because all of our marketing was me [posting on social media]. There was a slide on the announcement- the date was wrong, but we fixed it, and then just posting on social media and word of mouth. Everything ran smoothly. I was proud of what I made and I know other people were proud of what they made,” Weihl said.

Lydia Urice – Junior Editor

This will be Lydia Urice’s second year on ECHO staff.  Last year, she was podcast editor, and this year she is junior editor.

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