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Jackson Parks

Astrid Thorn Pic
Senior Astrid Thorn poses for her senior pictures. Thorn will attend Colorado State University to study psychology in the fall. Photo provided by Astrid Thorn

Senior Astrid Thorn will attend Colorado State University to study psychology. Colorado may be far, but Thorn plans to take her studies even further.

About why she chose Colorado State University, “I’ve been looking at their psychology program for a while now because of their study abroad opportunities, and then I met my now boyfriend who goes there and so does my best friend, so I do have a lot of connections to Colorado State University. They have the exact variation of the psychology degree that I want, and I’ll be able to study in Spain,” Thorn said.

Thorn has always been drawn to psychology.

“I’ve always had an attachment to it (psychology), and I love just understanding why people act the way that they do,” Thorn said. “I think going into a field where I help people understand what they do is definitely what I want to do.”

“Not much through Webster, I played volleyball freshman year, and then I broke my ankle, and I quit. Outside of the high school, I’m in a group called ‘Teen Advocates for Sexual Health,’ where we kind of just try to educate our peers and we give out free products,” Thorn shared about her involvement through high school.

Thorn wishes she didn’t stress as much her freshman year.

“Freshman year is not the hardest that it will get, so stop making a big deal out of everything,” Thorn advised her freshman self. “I did that, and it was bad.”

About what she’ll miss from WGHS the most, Thorn said, “Not much, primarily the people, I’d say. Yeah, I think that’s kind of the most valuable thing I’ve learned from my time here.”

Thorn’s best friend, senior Claire Vogl, is also attending Colorado State University in the fall.

About Thorn, Vogl shared, “Astrid is, without a doubt, the most compassionate, intelligent and selfless human being I know. Her ability to make others feel welcome and important is something I admire the most about her. No matter what may be going on in her life, Astrid makes sure her friends and family are taken care of and happy.”

Thorn’s character will definitely translate well into her field of work and study.

“I am so excited and lucky to spend the next four years with her at Colorado State University. We are going to go on so many hikes and wipe out on all the slopes we possibly can. I can’t wait to positively change the lives of so many people, because she has certainly changed mine,” Vogl said.

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