Webster Groves community celebrates Earth Day

Hadley Hoskins
Junior Editor

Where Ghuman Auto Sales once stood, a new green space with 31 trees has replaced it after the city planted trees on Aug. 12, 2020. Photo by Emily Mesner/Mlive.com/ MLive Media Group/TNS

April 22, 2022 will mark the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day across the United States. As a community, Webster Groves offers several opportunities to celebrate the holiday.

For high school students who want to contribute to Earth Day Celebrations, the Greenspace Alliance Commission will host a tree planting event at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20, at Barbre Park.

Greenspace Alliance chairperson Ginger Garrett talked about the plans for the event via email. She said the event would include a planting of 150 trees donated by Forest ReLeaf, a closing and opening ceremony by Boy Scout Troop 314, as well as a speech by Mayor elect Laura Arnold.

For students that want to be more environmentally friendly after Earth Day, there are several ways that that is possible.

Webster Groves Sustainability Commission chairperson Jamie Hasemeier talked about ways that high school students can do this in their day-to-day lives, from thrift shopping to using a reusable water bottle. She said that as citizens, making a habit out of being sustainable is critical to being more environmentally friendly as a community.

Hasemeier also stressed the importance of staying active in your community. She said via email, “Understand that you can have a voice in how things happen and contact leaders, from your teachers and principles, to city council members and state and federal legislators.”

The Webster Groves community has taken several steps to become more sustainable in the future. The Sustainability Commission partnered with Webster on Wheels, also known as “WOW” to create marked bike lands throughout Webster Groves. Through that and other initiatives like reusable bag handouts or backyard composting, Hasemeier said that the idea of being environmentally aware has been “taken from fringe to mainstream.”

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