Cast shares preparation for ‘Harvey’

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Harvey Art
Art by Bella Ferrell

“Harvey is not a fluff piece. Harvey is a very smart, well-written comedy, so I thought I want to do Harvey because about eight years ago we had planned to do Harvey,” drama teacher Todd Schaefer said. 

The performances will be April 13-16.

“We have a really great cast of people, and it’s really fun to work with people who are super into the character because it lets you have the liberty to be into the character,” senior Bella Ferrell said.

As it gets closer the cast shares what they are most looking forward to.

Sophomore Teddy Woldow said, “I’m really looking forward to the costuming if I’m being honest because we get to dress like we are from the 40s.”

Ferrell agreed, “Probably getting into full costume because my character for one, is a blonde, and I am not a blonde, and it would be fun to see what I look like as a blonde and seeing everyone else.”

“Definitely getting on stage and being able to rehearse and act on stage, it seems really fun,” sophomore Fynn Wolf said about their favorite part. 

Schaefer described what the costumes and makeup will look like. 

“The set crew’s going to be the big tech crew and makeup. We have makeup and hair and costumes, but it’s only a cast of like 10, and they all wear the same clothes the whole time there’s no fast changes or anything there’s no special effects costumes. It’s just standard people dressed as though they were from the 1940s,” Schaefer said. 

“I’m looking for people who can do comedy, so it’s about comic timing. This is not a tech heavy show. It’s an actor show, and it’s a character driven show, so I’m looking for people in that audition who could bring a character to the audition, and not necessarily be themselves, and I got a couple of people who could do that,” Schaefer said. 

“I kind of just winged it, but I guess it worked,” freshman Sophia Monaco said about her preparation for the audition. 

“My friend forced me to do it (audition), and I wasn’t really expecting to get the role. I really didn’t take it seriously,” Wolf said about the auditioning process. 

Woldow said, “Really I was just doing it for fun. After Zombie I really enjoyed the play experience so I really liked doing the play then so I figured I could audition now and if I got it I got it, and if I didn’t I didn’t, and it was kind of low stakes, I really didn’t think I was going to get a main roll, so getting Elwood was really cool,”

Ferrell said,“Well it’s kind of really random. I had just gotten off quarantine, and I came back and I was like oh that’s cool, and I was feeling extra confident. I think that’s what it was. I had a spirt of confidence and went and tried. It worked out so,” 

“I applied for the rights, and they put me on a pending status and we went ahead and announced it… the night before we were supposed to start rehearsals with my cast the licencing agent called me and said, ‘Sorry a union company in your region has taken the rights from you, so we have to reject your application,’ and we didn’t get to do ‘Harvey,’ So I’m back, I’ve been wanting to do Harvey for about the last 10 years and it’s one of the top produced high school shows in the country,” Schaefer said.

“Our mission statement is we go after award winning scripts so Harvey is your Pulitzer winner from the 40s, written by a female playwright,” Schaefer said.

“This one is a three-act play. It’s going to probably run for at least two hours at max, but we are going to try to get it down to about an hour 50 with an intermission. It’s 71 pages, so it should be if it’s a minute a page which is usually about the length of a page it should be an hour 20, but there’s monologues and stuff so it’s not always a minute a page. It’ll probably be about an hour 50. I’m hoping, I want it to be under two hours if I can,” Schaefer said. 


Izzy Poole – Business Manager

This will be Izzy Poole’s first year on ECHO staff, but they made several contributions while taking journalism class their sophomore year.

Calvin Lescher – Public Relations Officer

This will be Calvin Lescher’s second year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year. He is excited to meet and interview interesting people. He hopes to make a positive contribution to the Echo.

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