Drama department to put on ‘Reflection’ play

Brody Zarky
Contributing Writer

Freshman George Lemcke prepares for “Reflection” with drama teacher and director Alexandria Pettey. Photo by Matthew Grace

Drama is producing “Reflection” on March 11, at the Jerry R. Knight auditorium at 7 p.m. Tickets will cost $10.

 “We’ve done Broadway revues before, but this will be a conscious show with an overarching theme,” drama teacher and director Alexandria Pettey said.

Drama’s play will perform plays like “Funny Girl,” songs from “Shrek the Musical,” “Mean Girls,” “The Greatest Showman,” La Cage aux Folles,” and different poetry and excerpts from different types of plays.

“The play will be presented in a concert type from before the Tony Awards,” Pettey said, about the way the play will be presented to the audiences. 

The production and cast will be filled with students. 

“I would like to give students in the production confidence and self-love,” Pettey said, about what she wanted the students to gain from this opportunity to be in this show. 

The students will be in the play and behind it will work off screen with the songs and music that are gonna be played for reviewing.

The play will star freshman Gwen Denoon, freshman Anna De Foy, sophomore Mark Ellsworth, freshman Madeline Gibson, freshman Ellen Lueeke, freshman Geroge Lemcke, junior Calvin Lescher, freshman Inoa Ory, freshman River Padilla, senior Lauren Perry, freshman Zodiac Ryan and sophomore Mia Willis.

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