Student safety impacts school life

Calum Shank
Video Editor

Art by Lily Musgraves
Art by Lily Musgraves

On Tuesday Dec. 7, “administration became aware of a concerning text sent to a WGHS student by an unknown number.”

“The text was inadvertently sent by officials in another district and was related to a school threat they had received,” Dr Irvin said in an email sent to the school. 

“Personally, the threat worried me and my family. As soon as I found out, my parents called in and got me out of the school for my safety. Honestly, I am not surprised someone would do this to the school. With the recent Michigan school shooting, I think someone is trying to scare us more than we already are,” sophomore Steven Maschak said. 

“The threat caused me to question my safety in school. I also am not surprised that something like this happened because things like this have happened before. It’s strange how close the occurrence was so close to the Michigan shooting. I do think that was purposeful,” sophomore Ava Lamitola said. 

“We are grateful that the student directly shared their concern with staff immediately.  We encourage students to share any concerns with an adult at WGHS in the effort to allow us work collectively to address any concerns around safety,” said principal, Dr. Irvin via an email that was sent to the whole school. 

The threat caused students to be called out of school for the remainder of the day. These absences were excused due to a parent or guardian calling their child out of school for the rest of the school day. 

Calum Shank – Video Editor

This will be Calum Shank’s first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his freshman year.

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