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Matthew Grace
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petter award
Men’s cross country coach Jon Petter received the Brooks Inspiring Coach Award on Jan. 11. Photo by Matthew Grace

Men’s cross country coach Jon Petter received the Brooks Inspiring Coaches Award on Jan. 11.

This award, sponsored by the Brooks Running Shoe Co, is given to high school coaches who inspire the players they coach to become good athletes. Petter will be featured on a video on the Brooks Facebook Page.

“I felt really humbled and honored when I found out about this prestigious honor.  I am so lucky to get to coach fantastic athletes, and I feel like we’ve created a really special program and it’s really fantastic to see that recognized,” said Coach Petter via email.

Coach Petter started coaching for men’s track and field in 2010 and started coaching cross country in 2014. 

“I don’t know if there was one main thing I did to deserve this award – I just try to be the best role model I can be as a coach and human, and then inspire my athletes to develop into successful humans as well,” said Coach Petter via email.

Coach Petter was inspired with coaching by his cross country coach. His coach was “like a father” to him, and this inspired Petter to do the same for his athletes.

“Coaches are the mentors and inspiration behind millions of athletes. This program honors high school coaches who help and motivate young runners every day,” according to the Brooks Shoe Company website.

The Brooks Inspiring Coaches Program rewards many coaches each year and has awarded a total of 456 awards in 2021.

“I nominated him because he is a super involved coach. He’s always doing anything he can for all of his athletes. He’s always there to help every athlete get better cause he cares for everyone,“ senior John O’Neil, men’s cross country runner, said.

O’ Neil was the person to send Coach Petter’s nomination to The Brooks Inspiring Coaches Program.

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