Mx. Webster goes virtual

Lily Naert
Contributing Writer

Senior Ava Falkenrath organizes Mx. Webster contestants at a rehearsal on Jan. 20. Mx. Webster will take place virtually on Friday, Jan. 28.

Mx. Webster, an annual pageant hosted by Marketing II/DECA students, has decided to go virtual this year to combat COVID concerns. It will be held on Jan. 28, 7:30-9:30 p.m.

The recent COVID surge has raised some questions about how safe it would be to hold the pageant in person, which usually draws a large audience. The Mx. Webster producer committee agreed the better option would be having the pageant virtually. The committee members are seniors Camille Herrman, Jilly Sanders, Claire McCarthy and Ava Falkenrath. 

“We figured with rates of Omicron infection [being high] right now that there would be more attendance on a virtual option,” Falkenrath said over email.

The committee has already started planning for the virtual event, and trying to find the best options, so far it plans to keep the same time and date and use YouTube Premiere.

“As of right now, the only concrete details we have are that the show will be as close to the in-person event as possible. It will include all the same things as the in-person pageant; theme, talents, group dance, questionnaire and a hilarious host. Also, the individual videos will be released to watch before the premiere so the show isn’t super long,” Falkenrath explained.

The 12 contestants competing for the Mx. Webster title have been informed about the change. The senior contestants include David Mansco, Corvin Haake, Jackson Tarr, Roy Smith, Ryan Austin, Kyla Bratcher, JJ Peel, Cate Curtis, Xavier Brown and Chloe Halls, who is happy with the decision to go virtual.

“Personally I am excited about the pageant going virtual. When I signed up for it I didn’t realize how involved I would have to be as a contestant and the workload that came along with it. Being a senior it is already difficult to balance my busy schedule, with the pageant being virtual we are completing many of the parts separately, which makes it a whole lot easier. I was also worried I might have a little stage fright and so it being virtual gets rid of that,” Halls said.

Committee members also have opinions on the change to virtual.

“I think it’s completely understandable that we are hosting it virtually. It has been very hectic to rearrange everything. Plus I’m sure the contestants were looking forward to a live show,” senior Claire McCarthy said.

DECA has produced Mr. Webster at the high school since 2011. This year, the pageant was rebranded to become more inclusive of different students wishing to participate. Organizers decided on the name Mx. Webster, because Mx. does not indicate a specific gender.

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