Webster grad turns Webster teacher

Lily Naert
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Wesley Redstone, a new industrial tech teacher at Webster Groves High School. This is Redstones first job out of college, and at the school he graduated from.

Webster Groves High School has been a second home to 23-year-old Wesley Redstone, industrial tech teacher, ever since he can remember. From age four to now, he’s been a big part of the community.

Redstone hopes that something his students can learn from him is that it’s okay to make mistakes.

“I want them to have a safe environment to feel like it’s okay to mess up and learn from it and try again,” Redstone said.

About Redstone’s class, sophomore Billy Palmquist, talked about how laidback Redstone is.

“One of the coolest teachers I’ve had; he’s very friendly with his students and explains things really well, he’s super dope,” Palmquist said about Redstone.

During Redstone’s high school career, he met industrial tech teacher Glenn Dutch, whom he calls his mentor and role model in his life. Dutch inspired Redstone to want to become a teacher.

“I started teaching just a few years after Mr. Dutch retired, so in a way it’s like I’m replacing my mentor, which is very cool to me,” Redstone said. He said he hopes to stay at Webster for the rest of his teaching career.

Redstone graduated top of his class from University Central Missouri, Warrensburg. One of his biggest accomplishments is that he was the only person in the state to graduate with the degree of a major in secondary education and minor in science and education. Redstone graduated from Webster Groves High School in 2017 and got a job right after graduating from college. He did his student teaching at Kirkwood High School.

Redstone grew up with four older sisters, the oldest one being 10 years older than him. He and all of his sisters attended Webster Groves High school. They all participated in extracurricular activities, like band and sports, so Redstone was around the school a lot in his childhood.

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