Review: ‘Princess Switch’ decided best royalty-themed Christmas Movie on Netflix

Hadley Hoskins
Contributing Writer

The complete guide to Netflix's 2019 slate of original Christmas movies
Rose McIver returns to Aldovia in “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby,” the third installment in Netflix’s Christmas series. Photo by Cos Aelenei/Netflix/TNS

As the holiday season approaches, so does the time for watching holiday-themed feel-good movies. As fans of this genre know, a popular trope is the royalty trope. Netflix has a wide variety of these films.

To determine which one of these was the best, a few criteria applied.

First, the movie had to be related to a major winter holiday, such as Christmas.

Second, the movies had to include the words “Prince” or “Princess” in the title.

Third, it must be on Netflix.

Fourth, only the first movie would be considered, if it was a series.

Four movies remained: “The Princess Switch,”A Christmas Prince,” “Christmas With a Prince” and “A Princess for Christmas.

“The Princess Switch” stars Vanessa Hudgens (“High School Musical”), who plays both a Chicago baker and a duchess. The two characters run into each other, and decide to switch places before the royal wedding on New Years.

Those who would enjoy a parent-trap take on a Christmas movie will love “The Princess Switch.” This one was the best available on Netflix.

“A Christmas Prince,” starring Rose McIver (“Ghosts”) and Ben Lamb (“Divergent”), features an up-and-coming journalist who is assigned to cover the prince. However, she goes undercover as the tutor for the princess.

This movie is filled with plot twists, and those who miss the classic royalty trope in Hallmark movies will love “A Christmas Prince” and was the second best on Netflix.

“Christmas With a Prince,” which stars Kaitlyn Leeb (Heartland) and Nick Hounslow. Leeb works in a children’s hospital. Then, Hounslow appears in the children’s hospital to be treated, in an effort to maintain privacy.

Those who enjoy medical dramas will appreciate this holiday-take on them. “Christmas With a Prince” was the third best available.

Last, “A Princess for Christmas” stars Katie McGrath (“Merlin”) and Sam Heughan (“Outlander”). McGrath plays Jules Daly, who stays with a distant relative for the holidays and of course, meets a prince in the process.

While this movie was enjoyable, and the plot felt just as nostalgic and magical as the rest of the movies on this list, the writing and camera work was the most lacking, and for that reason, it is ranked last on the list.

All of these movies are available on Netflix and free to those with a subscription. Netflix offers a monthly subscription for $8.99. The movies ranged from a runtime of one-hour-and-20 minutes to one-hour-and-45 minutes.

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