Teens rally at Planned Parenthood

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Izzy Poole
Business Manager

Teens for Choice STL organized a rally at Planned Parenthood in Forest Park to show support for the services it provides.

People of all ages, genders, sexualities and religions came with signs and stood along the road, cheering when cars honked in approval.

Sophomores Poppy Orchard and Cha Cha Rubin from Clayton High School and Noa Cohen from Ladue High School were contacted by Access Missouri to hold this rally. They started Instagram account @teensforchoicestl and posted about their planned rally. It quickly spread over Instagram by people reposting it on their Instagram stories.

The rally was held out of Planned Parenthood hours, Saturday 1-3 p.m., so as not to disturb any patients and to be respectful to the clinic escorts.

Speakers shared their stories and opinions on mainly abortions and highlighted other services that Planned Parenthood also provides.

This was a separate event from the recent protest by Vianney High School students, which took place a week prior in the same location. This as well, spread through Instagram when @vianneystl posted pictures of students holding signs that said, “Honk if you’re Pro-life,” “pray to end abortion” and “we will help you.” These photos were captioned: “Some of our Griffins participated in 40 Days for Life by gathering in front of Planned Parenthood to pray for the unborn. They also placed white crosses on our campus in memory of the unborn children claimed by abortion. #TogetherWePray” on their Instagram post.

Signs at the Pro-Choice rally included sayings like: “Protect safe, legal abortion,” “My Body My Choice,” “not your body not your choice,” “I stand with Planned Parenthood,” “Pro Pap Smear, Pro Choice, Pro Condom, Pro Women, Pro Freedom, Pro Equality, Pro LGBTQ+, Pro Baby, Protect Women!,” Pro lifer’s Argument:,” “Vulva La Resistance” and “Abortion access saves lives.”

To contact Teens for Choice STL, email teensforschoicestl@gmail.com or DM them on Instagram.

Slideshow Photos by Izzy Poole


Izzy Poole – Business Manager

This will be Izzy Poole’s first year on ECHO staff, but they made several contributions while taking journalism class their sophomore year.

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