History in Action club presents Model U.N.

Owen Crews
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model UN
Senior Corvin Haake and junior Logan Storck teach a Model U.N. resolution to the rest of the participants. Resolutions were submitted by mock representatives of different countries. Photo by Owen Crews

History in Action will participate in a mock United Nations against seven different schools. The event will take place at Webster University Nov. 20, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

History teacher Conner Katsev, who sponsors History in Action Club, thought it was a really cool opportunity for students to participate in.

“You can do it in high schools with two groups. I am blanking on the first group, but CIVITAS is the other group we have gone through historically. They are really great and are a nonprofit association that helps organize high schools with civic and other historical engagements,” Katsev said.

Eight high schools will participate in the session that Webster Groves Statesmen are participating with. This includes Chaminade, Francis Howell, MICDS, Nerinx Hall, Priory, Union and Waynesville.

Senior Ben Miller has been heavily involved for model U.N. along with Katsev and fellow senior Corvin Haake.

“We don’t usually have a theme, individual resolutions are encouraged, and we usually find the template on the website, but we don’t have a specific group of resolutions. That is left up to the individual countries,” Miller said.

Miller also talked about how Model U.N. runs.

“CIVITAS is the organization that runs it, and usually they seat everybody down, and there is some sort of opening. We sit down (and) ask for a list of resolutions that are being proposed. Proposing countries go up. Talk about them. We vote on them. Vote on resolutions, amendments, and things like that. There is usually a good amount of debate over resolutions and amendments,” Miller added.

Haake also gave his thoughts on how countries should proceed in this mock trial.

“As for China, my goal is always to cause as much of an issue to other countries as I can and to make everything about giving China more power, but realistically my goal is just if something is affecting my country, try to make it not pass or add a funny amendment,” Haake said.

Haake also reflected on his decision to join Model U.N.

“I think that I said I would sophomore year and then because I wasn’t going to go back on my word I did it, and then I was like well this is actually fun and not as nerdy and stupid as I thought it was going to be and now that I am a little more worldly because I am older and pay attention to things. I can actually respond to things and my quick wit helps with that,” Haake added.

Miller said he enjoys Model U.N. because “I love politics and debate, and it’s a good way to stay informed and a good way to get some of that debate energy out,” Miller added.


Owen Crews

This will be Owen Crews’ first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year.

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