St. Louisians embrace fall traditions

Riley Fitzgerald
Contributing Writer

Fall is a very anticipated part of the year for people. In St. Louis there are lots of Fall traditions to experience from trick-or-treating on Halloween night, going to pick some pumpkins out at Eckert’s Farm and trying fall flavored treats from Starbucks.

One of the fall traditions particularly special to St. Louis is trick-or-treating, in other places around the country people can just go to the door and get handed candy, not here.

In St. Louis it is tradition to actually do what the phrase implies, trick-or-treat. Children go up to the door and tell their joke to get their candy. People new to the area find it odd after moving here from other places when they realize children have to have a joke ready at the door.

An example of a Halloween joke that could earn some candy is Q: What did the pumpkin put on his boo boo? A: A pumpkin Patch

Going to the pumpkin patch in mid-October is another popular activity for St. Louisans. Anyone can go with friends, family and a significant other. Eckert’s Farm is just outside of St. Louis located in Belleville, Illinois, and is one of the most popular farms here in the area for picking pumpkins and apples.

Thanksgiving is widely celebrated in St. Louis just as it is in many other places as well. Families gather for big meals. Common American Thanksgiving meals include turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and other fall foods. Families will gather around the table to take time to reflect on all the things they are thankful for and even just to spend time with family.

Along with the Thanksgiving traditions, in Webster Groves one long lasting tradition is the Turkey Day football game between Webster and Kirkwood High Schools.The first ever Turkey Day game was said to be played in 1907.

Students celebrate the day before with a pep rally and a Chillifest that night.

Fall treats are a favorite during this time of year, and pumpkin is popular during the fall season. There are many different treats like pumpkin muffins, bread and pies etc.

Another part of the fall experience here is the famous Starbucks PSL (pumpkin spice latte). It is a seasonal drink so it’s arrival is anticipated all year. This year Starbucks released the fan favorite drink on Aug. 24.

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