Hello, YOU: ‘You’ season three review

Jackson Parks

netflix1The third season of “You” is quite the trip — a trip to Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn-Goldberg’s (Victoria Pedretti) new life in the American dream-type town of Madre Linda, California.

Netflix’s “You” returned for its third season on Oct. 15, with its usual 10 episodes. Not in New York City or Los Angeles, “You’s” third season cements the feeling of a semi-anthology format for the show (based on its changing location and usual one-off characters.)

Season 3 picks up with Joe and Love faking the suburban dream, but for them it’s clearly a nightmare. A newborn son, Henry, or wedding bells can’t seem to change who they are at heart: obsessive and impulsive murderers. Their new town is filled with influencers, keto and vegan everything, and rich cliques of trophy wives; of course, they refer to this as one of the best and safest towns in California.

This season of the hit show reads a bit differently than its predecessors, still relying on its location and one-off characters as usual though. The ten episodes are chopped up by random, brushed-off and short time-jumps that almost give each episode an awkward feel. The characters’ moods and dilemmas jump around from episode to episode, with them almost being in a different headspace each time the Netflix logo queues each episode.

Of course, the season comes with many twists and turns — creating the perfect binge-watch. Joe and Love’s relationship has its ups and downs, but their obsessive and homicidal tendencies (which they hope to bind them together) are only their worst enemy when it comes to married life in Madre Linda.

The characters are interesting and current this season, though they are quite one-dimensional and make you think to yourself: “Well, they’re going to get killed off.”
Season 3 of “You” just seems to feel a bit separate and almost to the side compared to its first 2 seasons. The first 2 seasons of the show really seemed to flow together quite well and were a lot more unexpected than its latest installment.

The awkward and choppy storylines aside, the acting of Victoria Pedretti, who plays the complex Love Quinn-Goldberg, and Penn Badgley as the lead monster Joe Quinn-Goldberg are a major highlight. Pedretti’s ups and downs shown through grief, lust, love, and aggression make the show quite the trip, and with her leading it might as well be a first class ticket. Badgley’s performance is great as always, and it’s interesting to see him in the role of a father this time around.

Their newfound roles as parents definitely give the show a new and more grown-up feeling, which is clearly one of the reasons why the show might read a bit differently now. The show tackles storylines of adulthood — not just their normal navigations of murdering in your mid-20s. It’s interesting to see these two characters, that it’s hard to have much empathy for, being parents, when it’s really that last thing to expect of them after last season.

“You” season 3 is solid, but it’s definitely its weakest season in its collective. Of course, it’s filled with fun and outlandish moments and doesn’t shy away from its almost every episode cliffhanger, but it does fall flat a bit overall.

“You” is available to stream on Netflix worldwide and has already been renewed for its fourth season.

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