Chelsea Center presents street fair to celebrate ‘Learning in Action’

Calvin Lescher
Public Relations Officer

Chelsea Center will sponsor a fair on Oct. 7, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Selma Avenue in front of the high school.

The fair will be called “The Chelsea Center Presents: A Street Fair Celebrating Learning in Action” and will show off classes that include hands-on learning, band, art department, internships, Makerspace and family and consumer science.

“We feel it will be a very fun way to celebrate the work that our students are doing and a fun way to engage the community to see what the high school students are up to. We are learning by doing as well, this is our first time trying it out,” Dr. Kerry Arens, head of the Chelsea Center, said.

The Chelsea Center hopes the street fair will continue past this year and ideally become an annual event.

The art department will display student’s work, whether it’s through painting, drawing or other mediums. The family and consumer science department will provide baked goods, and Jazz I will perform on the main entrance steps from 7-8 p.m.

Dr. Arens reached out to the band department not long after this year’s Old Webster Jazz and Blues Festival was canceled.

The Chelsea Center Presents: A Street Fair Celebrating Learning in Action was going to happen before Jazzfest was canceled; however, it’s become a larger event for the band now that Jazzfest is no longer an option for the band department.

“It’s to help bring some of the spirit of the best stuff that we enjoyed about Jazzfest and bring it here,” band director Kevin Cole said.

The drama department and Chamber Choir will perform on stage around 6-7 p.m.; official times are undecided.

There will be no entry fee. The event is funded by the donation that Glenn Detrick made to the Chelsea Center. The goal is to keep as many things in the festival free as possible to allow everyone to participate.

Calvin Lescher – Public Relations Officer

This will be Calvin Lescher’s second year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year. He is excited to meet and interview interesting people. He hopes to make a positive contribution to the Echo.

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