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Kelly Woodyard
Staff Writer

Owen Mitchell Graphic
Senior Owen Mitchell poses for his senior photos. Photo from Owen Mitchell

Three main categories could be used to describe senior Owen Mitchell’s overarching high school involvement: music, academics and volunteer work. With the range of his extracurriculars, his high school experience proved true to being well rounded.

Diving straight into the first, where the majority of his involvement takes place, Mitchell spoke about his memories of being a part of playing music throughout high school.

“I was involved in the band department, where I played in marching and concert band for four years and jazz band for three years on alto/bari saxophone. Mr. (Kevin) Cole’s Jazz I surrounded me with some of the best musicians in the state and really challenged me. It was an immersive experience that constantly pushed me outside of my comfort zone,” Mitchell said.

Furthering the trend of being involved in the arts department, Mitchell spoke about his involvement with the drama department. “I also spent my first three years with the WG Drama department, where I was in two musicals and one-acts.”

Proving himself well rounded, Mitchell was also involved in more academic based involvements, such as history club, Chelsea Center internships and French National Honor Society.

Separate from his academic involvements, Mitchell also spoke about the spectrum of things he does outside of school.

“I’m an active member of my church youth group, play violin in a professional family band and was a volunteer on Deb Lavender’s political team,” Mitchell said.

Reflecting on how his high school involvements helped him decide on his post graduation plans and goals, Mitchell explained, “Music was a big part of my WGHS experience, and greatly shaped who I have become. I’ve been playing the
violin since the age of five, so I started high school with more experience in music than most of my peers.”

Being so involved in multiple different ways, Mitchell explained what high school overall meant to him. “For me, high school was about trying new things, no matter how scary they seemed. Each time something embarrassing or uncomfortable happened on stage or in rehearsal, my skin became a little tougher, so challenging myself both academically with difficult classes and through extracurriculars was a deeply impactful experience, and hey, I made some pretty great
memories along the way, so for that, I’m grateful!”

After graduation Mitchell plans to be a film and television major. He has committed to Emerson College, where he is one of 50 incoming freshmen accepted into the Honors Program.

Kelly Woodyard – Staff Writer

This will be Kelly Woodyard’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her senior year.

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