STUCO president to study psychology

Calvin Lescher
Staff Writer

Senior Sarah Ahrens cheers on senior members of the women’s tennis team at the Fall Activities Assembly of her junior year on Sept. 12, 2019. Photo by Zeke La Mantia.

Sarah Ahrens is a graduating senior. Ahrens has won a Top Hat Award, is a candidate for the Eagle Award and has been on STUCO since she was a sophomore.

Ahrens is the current STUCO president, and she said that it really helped her grow into who she wanted to be. She has become more confident, eager to learn, and always tries to make a change.

“I would say that everything is at your disposal, and if you want to try something, you are completely open to do it. I tried cross country junior year, and I had never run before. That ended up being one of the best decisions I made,” Ahrens said about what advice she would give to everyone at the high school.

When she first got to the high school, Ahrens knew that she wanted to do something with people. She just didn’t know how to get there at the time, so she just started joining different classes and clubs and always did what she was passionate about.

“During my junior year and this year, it’s been hard to keep morale up and keep pushing, but when people tell me you are so close and you just have to go a little longer, they are right. It might feel like a long time in the moment, and it might feel like a long time for the first three years, but just keep going,” Ahrens said.

Ahrens will be attending University of Colorado – Boulder. She plans to major in Psychology.

Calvin Lescher – Staff Writer

This will be Calvin Lescher’s first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year. He is excited to meet and interview interesting people. He hopes to make a positive contribution to the Echo.

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