Commencement speaker to study film at NYU

Zeke La Mantia
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Senior Jaden Fields smiles for the camera outside Tower Grove Park before Prom on April 17. Photo by Blake Fields

Commencement speaker for the class of 2021’s graduation was senior Jaden Fields.

Fields was nominated by other seniors for commencement speaker along with seniors Sarah Ahrens, Amissa Blumenthal, Dominic Grosvenor and Ezra Park. Once the five nominees were named, seniors were then asked to make a final vote for who they wanted to speak, and Fields was chosen.

The nominees were then asked to record a video of their proposed speeches to give other students an idea of what their graduation speech could look like. Fields practiced for this by reading her speech to Block teacher Kristin Moore, English/Echo teacher Donald Johnson and Drama teacher Todd Schaefer.

“When I coach commencement speaking, the thing I try to teach is not ostracizing people and she didn’t leave out anyone, she kept the group together. She was funny, she had drama and she quoted famous people and that’s the key,” Schaefer said.

Fields is first chair violinist for the Silver Strings Orchestra, film club president, Varsity women’s golfer, editor-in-chief of the Echo newspaper, a Girl Scout since kindergarten as well as a large presence in the drama department as an actor, director, photographer and a techie.

Fields is a well-rounded student who has been a part of many different clubs and activities since her freshman year at Webster.

An alumni of Clark Elementary, Fields has developed bonds that will last a lifetime. Senior Abram Wilson has known and been best friends with Fields since kindergarten.

“She works hard and has an amazing sense of humor. I’m so glad to call her one of my best friends and one of the people I hope to keep around past high school. You can bet that she is going to strive for excellence at NYU and emerge one of the heads of our generation,” Wilson said.

Fields plans on attending New York University after graduation where she will major in film.

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