Voices of Webster: Sisters stress importance of family on and off soccer field

Maren DeMargel
Staff Writer

Junior Keegan Bluette passes the ball up the field in hopes of scoring against Westminster April 13, at Selma Field. Westminster ultimately won the game 2-1. Photo by Kelly Woodyard

The Bluette sisters are a major part of the soccer program at Webster Groves High School and have been for the past four years.

All four members of the so-called “quad squad,” Kreighton, senior, Keegan, junior, Kameran, freshman, and Karson, freshman, are involved in the Varsity soccer program. 

Kreighton, Keegan and Kameran have been on Varsity for the entirety of their time at Webster Groves, and, even though she doesn’t play soccer, Karson was convinced by older sister Kreighton to become the team manager. 

“I think after I went to the first practice and the first game, I was just like, even if she didn’t ask me to do this, I might’ve done it because this is so fun. The teammates are awesome, the coaches are nice, they’re all really accepting, and I love my job. It’s really fun!” Karson said as she described her experience as manager. 

The other three have played soccer since early childhood, but they didn’t always know it was the sport they wanted to pursue in high school. 

“Those two [Kreighton and Kameran] did gymnastics and me [Keegan] and her [Karson] tried out softball, and we tried out a couple other sports, but I think the only one that really stuck with us was soccer,” Keegan said. 

Even though the three who chose soccer have not played on a team all together until this year, they found their connection on the field to be just as strong as it is in everyday life. 

“I would say it’s easier to play with my sisters than anyone just because I know how they play, and the connection is already there,” Kameran explained. 

This sisterly connection helped Kameran to feel less intimidated as a freshman on Varsity. 

“Having two upperclassmen sisters helps because if I have any questions or anything I can go to them, and I’ll know that they’ll have the right answer,” Kameran said referring to Kreighton and Keegan.

As an incoming senior, Keegan’s main goal for next year is to maintain this welcoming environment.  

“I want to be able to have a positive impact on the program through the freshmen that are coming up,” Keegan explained. 

Next year, eldest sister Kreighton will continue her soccer career at the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis. She offered several pieces of advice to her sisters. 

“The team is really much like a family, and as you go through the program, you start to realize how much of a family it is. My advice to you guys would be to enjoy every single moment of it because it will go by faster than you can ever imagine,” Kreighton said.

Kreighton continued saying, “Embrace it all, and whenever you have the chance to hang out with your family, do it because you will not regret it. It will always be a fun time. Just enjoy the game and the people around you.” 

Even in her final piece of advice, her familial bond with her sisters and teammates shines through. For the Bluette sisters, soccer is truly a family affair. 

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Staff writer Maren DeMargel talks to the Bluette sisters about their shared high school experience with the women’s soccer team.

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