Student council holds elections

Ezekiel La Mantia
Social Media Editor

STUCO elections took place Friday, April 9. Students voted via a Google Form sent over email.

STUCO elections were moved from March 31, to April 2, and then to April 9, to allow students who are running more time to campaign instead of having to work around spring break.

FACS teacher and STUCO sponsor Lauren Maedge said, “We have a really good group of juniors who have been active since their freshman year so I think we’ll have a good group of officers.”

To prepare for running for STUCO office, candidates were required to fill out a small packet of questions, get signatures from other students in their grade and make a video telling/ showing why they should be nominated as a candidate.

The candidates and what position they ran for were announced on April 9, the same day as voting. The candidates were junior Gabriella Ramirez for president, junior Scarlett Patton for vice-president, junior Jillian Sanders for secretary, juniors Avery Terri and Joseph Leyson for treasurer and freshman Rebecca Fairbanks for historian.

Results were released on STUCO’s Instagram on Thursday, April 22, and in the morning announcements Monday, April 26.

The results for the election were easily to determine since only one student ran for almost every position. For the position of treasurer, Terri was elected.

“I’m excited for next school year, we have all women STUCO officers so I’m excited for this experience,” Terri said.

Zeke La Mantia – Social Media Editor

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