Ava’s Anecdote: Students discuss accuracy of astrology

Ava Musgraves
Feature Editor

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Image of the 12 zodiac signs. Graphic from freeclipartnow.com

With the world we currently live in, there aren’t many constants we can rely on, but one we can is daily horoscopes that correspond with one’s zodiac sign.

A zodiac sign is one of the many things humans decided to assign babies at birth. To put it simply the pattern of stars that corresponds to a month determines the sign of the group of people born in that month.

Once you get into it all, it’s really not as simple as it’s written off as. My question is, “How accurate can personality traits based on star charts really be?”

Senior Annalise McCann said she is a Gemini, and she feels that she “kinda relates to her sign, usually happy and different sides to her personality. I am more excited around people but more reserved when I’m alone,” Which is a classic Gemini trait.

Not only does astrology make assumptions about one’s personality, but also compatibility of relationships, romantic and platonic. For example, the Taurus and Virgo signs are supposed to be compatible because they both are earth signs, but the Gemini and Virgo signs are not.

Senior Ava Sauer said about whether zodiac sign traits are too broad, “I think they are too broad, but because you can also go off your rising or moon sign, it can help hit all the marks in your personality, I’m an Aquarius but also a rising and moon Pisces, which I relate to more.”

Astrology should not be confused with astronomy. According to a study done by the National Science Foundation more than half of millennials think astrology is a science.

When Issac Newton came up with the math behind the rotation of the planets in relation to gravity, astronomy became known as a science and astrology lost its relevance to the scientific field.

For Time Magazine, astronomer Sten Ozwald said, “We don’t really know who first came up with the idea for looking at things in nature and divining influences on humans. Even if astrology’s answers aren’t based on scientific study, the reason people keep turning to the sky does come down to something very real — a psychological phenomenon called the human tendency for self-selection, the search for interpretations that match what we already hope to be true.”

Even though zodiac signs aren’t backed up with scientific evidence, looking to nature for answers about why we are the way we are isn’t totally crazy, even according to NASA astronomers like Ozwald. So don’t feel crazy for believing in zodiac signs, because our ancestors have found meaning in the stars thoroughly throughout history, and it’s pretty fun to read your horoscope.

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Ava Musgraves – Feature Editor

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