Guerilla Street Food impresses with Filipino staples

Ben Miller
Contributing Writer

Guerilla Street Food, located at 43 S. Old Orchard Avenue, offers Filipino street food like the Flying Pig. Photo by Ben Miller

Located at 43 S Old Orchard Avenue, Guerilla Street Food is almost a hidden gem.

While it is a well-known restaurant, its odd location next to the Great Clips in a small strip mall makes it less frequented than other stores in separate parts of Old Orchard. However, this is no reason to overlook the Filipino street food restaurant.

At first glance, Guerilla Street Food might not even look like a restaurant. Orders can only be placed online or at a walk-up window, and there is no indoor seating. Outdoor seating also only consists of a few lawn chairs. The drab exterior of the restaurant is quickly forgotten though, as it does not take long at all to receive food. Online orders are notified by text when food is ready, and in-person orders are quickly filled. Once the order is paid for, food is presented in a medium-sized tupperware container.

One commonly ordered entree served at Guerilla Street Food is the Flying Pig, which is available for between $9 and $11 before extra ingredients. The meal consists of roasted pork shoulder on a bed of rice, topped with hoisin sauce, Sriracha, a slow-cooked egg, and a variety of other ingredients. The presentation is good, and it makes for a pretty meal.

On the first bite, the flavor that stands out the most is hoisin sauce mixed with smoky meat. Impressively though, all the flavors of the ingredients make it onto the fork at once. The slow-cooked egg is easily another highlight of the Flying Pig.

The food isn’t without its flaws though. The size of the bites of pork were extremely inconsistent throughout the meal, and it was salty enough to necessitate a drink for the whole length of the meal.

Overall, Guerilla Street Food is still an excellent choice. It competes with and outperforms other similar restaurants in the same area, such as the re-branded Chiang Mai. In all, Guerilla Street Food is at least a 7.5, if not 8 out of 10.

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