Voices of Webster: Student artists earn awards

Kimmy Dang
Contributing Writer

Sophomore Sadie Coalier, junior Anna Barr and sophomore Nora Rohlfing earned recognition from Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Competition. Photo by Cathy Vespereny

Three students were awarded in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Competition on Jan. 28. Two were awarded the Gold Key and one an Honorable Mention.

Sophomores Sadie Coalier and Nora Rohlfing were awarded the Gold Keys and junior Anna Barr earned an Honorable Mention.

Those who planned on submitting their artwork had art teacher Jocelyne Reiss guide them in creating excelling pieces.

“… You never know what the judges are going to think, but there’s a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that a work has… over the years I had an eye for picking things out, and it’s due to my background in art,” Reiss said.

Coalier’s artwork is named, “Not A Self Portrait,” using a panel and watercolor.

“I have random bursts of creativity and energy, so I did it all in one night. I usually do everything in one day and then add things on gradually over the next month,” Coalier said.

Coalier submitted an artwork last year and earned a Honorable Mention. She didn’t expect much submitting again this year.

“I didn’t expect to win anything; I was just doing it ‘cause it’s good for your portfolio and if you win something that’s good,” Coalier said.

Rohlfing’s artwork is called, “Talk Show Host.”

“It was based a little bit off of a song, ‘Talk Show Host,’ by Radiohead; it’s a song I really like,” Rohlfing said.

Rohlfing chose her color schemes and went off of that. Drawing exaggerated proportions for the appearance and expression.

About how long it took, Rohlfing said, “I have no clue if I’m entirely honest. Like I had a one to four hour sitting then a couple hour sittings, so probably like six hours tops.”

Barr’s artwork is named, “Anna’s Habitat,” and was made in a digital art format.

“It’s a painting of me laying in what looks like a bunch of trash, and there’s like cans around me; there’s paper scattered everywhere,” Barr said.

Barr started her project mid-quarantine where she was describing herself feeling, “…mentally, and physically, and feeling so gross… because it’s a depiction of me being in my room for so long.”

About any doubts or conflicting feelings about her art work, Barr said, “Yes, literally all the time! Even right now… to be honest the scholastic one is not finished; it’s really not finished.”

Barr explained how she wanted to finish the shading on the cans from the background and foreground of the artwork. She wished she had the environment more developed.

Three of these students will be invited to the school’s virtual Scholastic Awards celebration on Sunday, March 7. Rohlfing and Coalier will head onto the national competition.

To any students who considered art or are interested in art, “Come talk to me… You have to have that enthusiasm and drive to do the thing, even if that thing is crafting a scarf,” Reiss said.


This week’s ECHO Podcast is introduced by former feature/entertainment editor Emily Stisser and was edited by contributing writer Kimmy Dang and published by podcast editor Lydia Urice. 

Contributing writer Kimmy Dang interviews the WGHS winners of Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Competition.

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