News Brief: National Merit names finalists

Seniors Caitlin Noel, Justin Barker and Fiona Smith stand outside the front of Webster to be recognized as the three National Merit Finalists. Being a National Merit Finalist allows students access to scholarships at a number of different colleges throughout the country. Photo by Gracie Hedenberg

Juniors have the opportunity to take the PSAT. It automatically qualifies students to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship Program. This year’s finalists are seniors Justin Baker, Fiona Smith and Caitlin Noel. 

Being named a National Merit Finalist allows those students to receive scholarships from an assortment of colleges throughout the country ranging in all sizes. Scholarships vary depending on the college. Some colleges give out scholarships that cover full college tuition, whereas some colleges don’t give any money.

After being named semifinalists in order to advance to be considered as finalists, the three students who were semifinalists had to submit an application. The application contained a personal essay and additionally, a section explaining their achievements and participating clubs, along with a few other supplementary additions. 

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