Drama virtually showcases student talent

Jaden Fields

Drama Department will showcase a Virtual Variety Show Wednesday, Jan. 13, at 7p.m.  

The virtual showcase will consist of numerous student acts including songs, monologues, one acts and more. 

“Our variety show which is a virtual variety show… essentially is a visual performing arts exhibit. It’s a lot of solo work. We have a couple of group pieces. We were using kids that were socially podded, so it was safe to film them on stage together, but everything is essentially solo performance,” drama director Todd Schaefer said. 

While the virtual showcase primarily features performers, the production of the whole show also gave the chance for students to pitch in behind the scenes. 

“There’s actors, singers, musicians, designers, photography. Dr. (Angela) Thompson. . . encouraged the department to collaborate on a fine arts exhibit. . . This is really banking off of that idea in Covid.” Schaefer said. 

The showcase is taking the place of the main stage show the department usually puts on, so the production will be around one hour and 20 minutes. The show will be streamed at 7 p.m., but it does not need to be watched exactly then.

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