Cancelled school events negatively impact seniors

Elise Wilke-Grimm
News/Opinion Editor

Attendees crowd together at 2020’s Winter Formal in Roberts Gym on Jan. 25. This year the Winter Formal is one of the activities cancelled to COVID-19 concerns. Photo by Lydia Urice

After all of the Turkey Day celebrations weren’t able to take place, it was a wake up call for seniors that the Winter Formal and Prom won’t be able to be celebrated or either, or they’ll be drastically different.

“I’m feeling pretty down about missing senior stuff, mostly because I know I won’t get these times back, but I’m trying to stay positive,” senior Ava Andrews said.

Missing out on the little things can put a damper on the general school spirit of students. It can be hard to enjoy life’s pleasures that are normally offered to high schoolers when there is a constant cycle of being worried about the health of family or themselves. This can be very overwhelming especially when students aren’t able to see their friends.

“I wasn’t really disappointed in missing school dances at first… but after viewing the pep rally, I realized how school spirit and dances really do matter,” senior Abram Wilson said.

Also, a lack of motivation has been a common occurrence for students. When senioritis and an unpredictable online/in-person schedule are combined, it can be hard to remain focused on certain assignments or tasks.

According to a recent survey by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California of 653 responses more than half the students who responded reported being in need of mental health support since schools closed due to the pandemic. 

“School can seem less important online, so it can be difficult to put in the effort, but I have to remind myself that school is still school even during the given circumstances,” senior Owen Mitchell said.

Finding closure to this chapter in the class of 2021’s lives can be difficult when there seems to be no school-led events to look forward to. After missing out on so much, seniors will need to stay confident for a bright future.


Elise Wilke-Grimm – News/Opinion Editor

This is news and opinion editor Elise Wilke-Grimm’s second year on ECHO staff. She is excited to continue working on the ECHO and get lots of chances to write.

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