‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ receives mixed reviews

Sam Hewitt
Contributing Writer

Graphic from supermario3dallstars.nintendo.com

After over five months of on and off rumors on the subject, “Super Mario 3D All-Stars” was revealed by Nintendo on Sept. 3, as a new collection of three classic 3D games from the series.

The game has since been released on the Nintendo eShop, with a price of $60. Despite being a major success sales-wise, being the 10th most successful game of 2020 only a month after release, the game has stirred up a bit of controversy, mostly due to two details.

The first being that the game is a limited release until March 31, 2021, which unlocks the potential for online scalpers to buy it in large supply and sell it for a profit after that time.

The second reason is that other than some small enhancements to fit the standards for the Nintendo Switch, not much has been added or changed in the three games.

A notable exception to this is the glitches, or rather, the lack thereof. Most of the glitches that were present in the original three games, including “Super Mario 64”’s iconic backwards long jump (BLJ) exploit have been patched.

In the original game, this simple movement allowed players to skip to the final level after collecting zero stars, as opposed to the normally required 70. However, this is impossible to replicate in the collection, which has led to yet more controversy over Nintendo’s glitch policy.

However this doesn’t seem to affect most ratings of the game, with it receiving an 82% score from Metacritic and a 93% on Google Reviews. To some people, it may be their first time playing one (or all) of these three games, and those people will tend to rate the game higher.

The real divide is between them and the distinguished fans of these games, who have most likely gotten tired of the vanilla experience and were expecting new content or an HD remake. This divide has seemed to plague the game’s release, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, or at least not until March 31.


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