Alumna returns to work in Chelsea Center, a cappella

Natalie Lescher
Contributing Writer

Class of 2014 graduate Chandler Turner returns to Webster Groves High School to work in the Chelsea Center and with a cappella. Photo from Chandler Turner

Chandler Turner, new assistant for the Chelsea Center and co-director for the a cappella, is a class of 2014 WGHS graduate. 

I wanted to do my part to help in a capella since being a part of that group had such a huge impact on my time here. The Chelsea Center was just the cherry on top, as I get to help even more students reach their potential in a creative way,” Turner said.

Turner said that math teacher Eric Dunn was a big part of why she is here today. He was an inspiration to her because of his support, she stated.

 “He’s been sort of a mentor since high school and getting to work with him has only strengthened our relationship and my knowledge of my job,” Turner said. 

Turner said, “ In five years, I hope to be more advanced with my songwriting and performance. I would also like to start an independent a cappella group in the community. Music is my passion, and I’d be lost if I didn’t get to sing.”

 Turner said her mother is her biggest inspiration, a single mom who raised her all by herself, and Turner as an adult, is in appreciation of how well her mom did it and hopes to grow up to be a woman just like her.

What piece of advice about life Turner would give to her 17-year-old self if she could now, she said, “I think about this a lot. If I could give my 17-year-old self a piece of advice, I’d say not to let other people influence the decisions you make about your future. Take care of yourself first, then everything can fall into place later. This time is about you.” 

Turner said she hasn’t had a ton of interaction with the students this year so far, but last semester she actually served as someone who was available to answer questions and help the process of transition to going to college smoother and easier. 

Lastly, Turner said, if she would like to add anything that she would like to add for students to know, “I love Beyonce, crab legs, and all things Broadway and musical theater,” Turner said.


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