Voices of Webster: Choir moves to virtual setting

Owen Crews
Contributing Writer

Choir teacher Timothy Havis accompanies first hour Concert Choir members on piano during 2017-18, his first year at WGHS. This year Havis has had to adapt to a virtual instructional environment. Photo by Colin Shue

Timothy Havis, choir teacher, said he has been having a good time in virtual choir and hopes to expand it and showcase the talents.

Havis had an idea when the school year started. He was going to have the students record their own submissions of them singing and edit it all together to have a virtual concert. 

“It takes a lot of time to edit,” Havis said about how that would work. He has mentioned that he was upset about the virus and the no traveling across the border but is looking forward to finally being able to see students in school if we can. 

“We rely on being together in the same room,” Havis said about the struggles of online learning. 

Havis has had a chance to really see new students do not interact with his older students and has helped. Havis also knows how virtual learning can be a struggle. He openly talks to students about what they are enjoying and how to make it more like a classroom.

Sadie Saltsman-Buck, sophomore, said, “Choir is a great way to express yourself.” She added she loved their trip to Texas last year and was looking forward to Canada, but that trip was cancelled. 

Havis really enjoys to hear from his students, and sometimes it can even influence his decisions for future classes. He really feels that choir should be a fun and enjoyable experience. 

“Music shouldn’t be overwhelming,” Havis said and is trying to make it so everybody has a voice. Havis wants to maybe in the spring have a smaller choir concert and actually have a small audience. Havis wants to also have a chance to have auditions and make sure that everybody has a chance to sing and wants to further their interest in choir.

This week’s ECHO Podcast is introduced by former feature/entertainment editor Emily Stisser, outro’d by former print editor Lindsey Bennett, and was edited by podcast editor Lydia Urice. 

Contributing writer Owen Crews interviews choir teacher Timothy Havis about how the choir is adapting to the virtual environment.

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