New English teacher enjoys Webster community

Calum Shank
Contributing Writer

New English teacher Zachary Smith walks through the Webster Groves community. Smith said, ¨Webster is an amazing community.” Photo from Zach Smith

Zachary Smith, former  Knowledge is Power Program English teacher, is new to the Webster Groves School District and the community of Webster Groves and will teach freshman literature and comp this year. 

“I have been welcomed well into the Webster Groves community. With the disappointment of Covid 19 flooding the nation, I haven’t been able to interact like a new citizen to the community,” Smith said. 

Smith said Webster is a great place to be. “You have kids running around, riding their bikes, nice homes. It’s just a super amazing place.” 

Smith’s teaching style contains more of a hands on approach. He has always thought students can have fun with still learning with things such as examples and videos. 

“I have always loved teaching new things to kids. It’s like a passion,” Smith said. 

He has only taught in city districts before, but he loves how Webster Groves High School is a mix of both city and suburb.

”It’s a very healthy mix of the two,” Smith said. 

Smith went to Mizzou University for a graduate degree in journalism and studied it for four years.

 Smith said, “It’s very enjoyable to learn there with it being a top two journalism school in the nation to this day.” 

Overall, Smith looks forward to more years here teaching at Webster Groves High School and he loves the community and will continue to love to teach here he said.


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