New drama public speaking teacher begins first year virtually

Calvin Lescher
Contributing Writer

New drama and public speaking teacher Alexandria Pettey begins her first year of teaching with virtual classrooms. Photo fro Alexandria Pettey

Alexandria Pettey teaches both drama and public speaking as she begins her first year of teaching.

 “The best quality someone can have when public speaking is being passionate about what they are saying,” Pettey said.

Pettey’s favorite part about teaching is getting to know her students. To do this she will play games in her class like Heads Up, Just Dance and Smooth Talker. 

The majority of Petty’s drama class is Zoom-based, and the students were asked to set up a place where they can record their acting from their home.

Pettey has never been in any professional plays, but she enjoys doing community theater. She did “Gypsy,” “Hairspray,” “Wizard of Oz”and “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.” She loves both musicals and traditional plays equally.

 “I like plays about families, like how different families live their lives day to day and the things that can come up,” Pettey said about what her favorite type of play is. 

Between her two classes she prefers drama, but it was a very tough decision. This is because she feels like it is easier to get to know the students by expressing themselves.

“It feels like I’m sprinting a marathon. It is obviously not ideal, but it has taught me a lot of things, and I learned a lot about how to be a teacher and what makes good teaching and what makes a good lesson. I’m learning a lot everyday so it’s only going to make us better on the other side,” Pettey said about how she feels about online school.

Pettey thinks this will help with her planning and organization when it comes to in person. All of her teaching so far has been online, so she doesn’t know which she is better at.


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