Students share quarantine pastimes

Jaden Fields

Junior Senneca Mahan takes commissions for certain graphic design projects. The outfit is based on the outfit that Prince Zuko of “Avatar the Last Airbender” would wear in his prime.

In the wake of Covid-19, with malls and other businesses closed, it seems that now more than ever, people are searching for something to pass the days.

People have taken to social media showcasing some of the activities they have been partaking in during these times of isolation. Junior Seneca Mahan is one example of this. During quarantine he has found a passion for graphic design and digital art. 

“A while ago my sister bought an iPad, and she was actually the one who wanted to learn how to draw, but since I used to draw. . . she came to me, so I took a swing at it, and she liked what I did so I started using her more, and eventually I got my own tablet and started doing more,” Mahan said. 

Mahan said he would have probably migrated towards graphic design anyways, but having to be in the house all the time really gave him some set time to further engage in the craft. Along with graphic design, he has also started writing more during quarantine. 

Junior Sadie Moore also chose to use lockdown times to further indulge in her journaling. Moore has been journaling for quite some time now, but she has really taken to it more because of quarantine. 

“I wouldn’t say [it’s a new hobby], but I did focus more on journaling, and because of quarantine, it’s become more of a habit. It’s like bullet journaling and drawing and planning stuff out,” Moore said via Snapchat message. 

Along with growing hobbies, students have also taken to expanding their musical skills. Senior Nate Hutson has delved into different branches of music throughout these quarantine times. Already a singer, guitarist and cellist, Hutson has now branched out into a new technique of singing over lockdown; throat singing. 

Some students have reread some favorite books over the break, and regressed back into things from their childhood. Upon the release of “Avatar the Last Airbender” to Netflix, teens took to social media talking about how nice it was to have the show be released again.

 In addition to childhood cartoons, teens are also regressing back to their favorite literature phases. Rowan Taylor, an MICDS senior, admitted to returning to her Harry Potter phase, particularly rediscovering her love for Draco Malfoy fanfictions.


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