Voices of Webster: New teacher wants students to change future

Maren DeMargel
Contributing Writer

Quentin Alimayu demonstrates his passion for social justice by standing for equality. He has always wanted his students to feel safe and supported inside and outside of his classroom. Alimayu said, “I believe that everybody in the world, no matter who they are, deserves the right to the happiest life that they believe they can get.”
Photo provided by Quentin Alimayu

Quentin Alimayu is a new social studies teacher this year, but it is not his first time working in the building. 

Alimayu completed his student teaching at Webster Groves High School in 2013. He wanted to return to Webster because “people are genuine here.”

Alimayu wants to contribute to this genuine environment. “I like to create an atmosphere of positivity, but I also understand that you can’t make everyone happy,” Alimayu said.

Sophomore Savannah Haney is a student in Alimayu’s first hour World Civilizations A class. She appreciates Alimayu’s classroom presence and the virtual environment he has created. “I really like it; he’s very energetic,” Haney said. 

Other than teaching, Alimayu has many passions. “I love music, I love video games, and I really love learning,” Alimayu said.

 Alimayu has auditioned for “American Idol” five times and makes parody videos for his students. His love for learning manifests itself in his five educational and teaching degrees, and he is currently working towards earning his Doctorate in Educational Leadership at University of Missouri St. Louis. 

All of these interests help Alimayu promote an important message to his students. 

 “No student can put me in a box,” Alimayu said. “I also want to let my students know you don’t have to put yourself in boxes either.”

Alimayu strongly believes in the power that education has to change a student’s life. He said, “In many ways, doctors, teachers, we’re like the real superheroes on the earth. I can change the future if I can create an environment where the student feels like they matter. That student could go on and do amazing things.”


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Contributing writer Maren DeMargel interviews new social studies teacher Quentin Alimayu.

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