Photo of the Week: Men’s soccer begins season with social distancing

The men’s soccer team adapts to social distancing procedures for the beginning of its season, while team photographers stand idle to capture the unique way most sports teams have opted to practice. The photographers captured a lot of action last season and hope for some sort of a season this year. “I was really excited for the boys’ soccer season, especially to take pictures like I did last year, but now that this season is going to be nowhere near normal. It’s very undecided on how it’s going to look. Right now, they are only doing practices, which my friends (senior) Kelly Woodyard and (senior) Addie Fitzgibbon come to as often as possible. (Coach Tim) Velton and the other coaches are doing a really great job of keeping the boys safe and socially distanced during most everything they do. The team has some really good players and are all working really hard in hopes of their potential season, so we are all crossing our fingers,” photographer Sydney Frillman said. Photo by Kelly Woodyard.

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