Dotty DeLassus Award winner to continue education at Indiana University

Elise Keller

Mary Claire Wolk received the Dotty DeLassus Award for her 1,239.9 hours of service and was involved in almost everything at the high school.

“What drove me to be so involved in service at WGHS was the fulfillment I feel. I’ve been volunteering and doing other community service opportunities since I wrote a grant in fourth grade, and I feel as though it gives my life a purpose,” Wolk said.

In addition to service, Wolk has been involved in student council, pep club and men’s volleyball as team manager.
“I first got involved with pep club freshman year. I loved the energy from the student sections and how much it helped the athletes, and I wanted to be a part of that,” Wolk said.

“I first got involved with STUCO freshman year, as well. My brother was STUCO president when he was a senior in high school, so I always heard so much about that. I went to a convention, and that’s how I connected with STUCO,” Wolk said.

In her senior year, Wolk was elected as STUCO vice president.

Although she has been passionate about all of her experiences at Webster, Wolk said her most memorable was her time managing the men’s varsity volleyball team.

“When I first started managing as a freshman I wasn’t sure what to expect, but by the end, I feel like I have 30 added brothers in my life! I’ve made so many connections with the boys, and there’s a tremendous amount of spirit, dedication, and heart that comes out of that team that I have loved to help with, and proud to say I was a four-year manager, even though we lost our last season,” Wolk said.

“The advice I’d give incoming freshmen is to step out of your comfort zone! Even if you think you wouldn’t enjoy something just because your friends aren’t doing it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t join it. The best memories I’ve had were some of the times where I thought ‘wow that was a big step for me but I am so happy I did that,’” Wolk said.

Along with her experiences, teachers have helped to shape Wolk’s time at the high school.

“My favorite class/teacher had to be either AP Psychology with (Jon) Petter or German with Herr (Brent) Mackey. Both of those teachers are extremely dedicated to what they teach and are excited to help you grow. They love what they do and will do anything to make sure you’re constantly happy and taken care of,” Wolk said.

“My experiences at WGHS have shaped me by showing me what I am capable of. I have been involved with a lot, took hard classes, and maybe overbooked myself, but I have made it through showing that I am unstoppable. It has also shown me that if I have a passion for something, I should do whatever I can to make that possible. The amazing thing about WGHS is all of the staff wants you to strive for the best and will help you carry out your passion,” Wolk said.

Wolk will attend Indiana University and major in neuroscience on the pre-med track, and she will minor in German.


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