News Brief: Missouri reopening begins

St. Louis Health Department created an interactive map of the counties in Missouri with stay-at-home orders COVID-19 Positive Cases by Zip Code. Graphic from St. Louis Health Department

Missouri’s first phase of reopening began Monday, May 4, and will continue through the end of May.  St. Louis City and County will not be joining the rest of the state in this phase.

This plan allows many places to reopen; however, Missourians still need to follow social distancing.

Erin Hefferman with the St. Louis Post Dispatch said, Missouri would open “…restaurants, church services, retail manufacturers and small businesses with some social distancing rules in place.” 

Missouri governor Mike Parson is relying on business to ensure the safety of customers.

“That’s going to be between the employee or the employer to decide whether or not that’s safe,” Parson said. 


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