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COVID-19 has affected what school looks like, with most schools leaving campus and moving online. This makes it difficult to take any sort of test, and Advanced Placement (AP) tests are no exception.

On April 2, College Board, the creators and distributors of AP tests, released information regarding the adjustment to 2020 AP tests, after previously sending out a survey that garnered 18,000 respondents. 

Typically, the tests are around three hours in length, are administered in a school setting by proctors, and contain multiple sections, including multiple choice and different types of free response questions. 

These tests cover the entire year’s worth of material, and students have to test based on their pre-existing knowledge (meaning that no notes are allowed to be used to supplement).

This year, according to the update by the College Board, the exams have been shortened considerably to under one hour (around 45 minutes), are to be taken alone by a student on an electronic device (computer, phone, etc), and will only have free response questions (for History and English and Language exams, this means around one essay, and for Science and Math exams, this means one to a few free response questions, or FRQs). 

Students will only be tested on the material they covered before schooling started being online, which means the material covered will be what was learned in early March or before. The exams will also be “open book/open note.” 

The exams are scheduled from May 11-22, with make-up times available from June 1-5 by subject. The specific schedule times for each exam have been compiled into a schedule, and are expected to be completed on the day listed within the time frame listed by everyone taking the test. 

According to College Board, these changes will remain in place even if schools reopen before testing occurs. For more information/additional updates, go to


Maeve Taylor – Print Editor

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