Vacation or Stay-cation?: Students share spring break plans for 2020

Addie Palmquist
Contributing Writer

After winter break comes to an end, the cold, gloomy feelings of January and February settle in. Seemingly, the only thing to look forward to is just beyond these gray months– spring break.

Spring break plans vary significantly between students. An anonymous survey asking, “What are your plans for spring break?” produced 27 student responses, 12 of which said they were going on a trip of some sort. The other 14 students either said they were staying home or did not know yet. 

While some students will be making the best of their time in Webster Groves, other students are going on vacation to destinations including Disneyland, Jamaica and the Grand Canyon. 

However if one is not taking a trip to an exotic place, or a trip anywhere for that matter, there is still something to look forward to. 

One student stated, “Anything that seems calming, possibly embarking on a road trip,  to sit by the river or a lake and just skip rocks. None of these things are for certain, but I’m definitely going to try and do more calming activities that have to do with being outside, finally enjoying the warm weather, etc.” 

One does not have to travel far outside of Webster Groves in order to find an activity worth their while. Castlewood State Park and Emmenegger Nature Park are free nature reserves filled with greenery, hiking trails and amazing views — and both are less than 30 minutes away. Dogs are welcome and the parks are open from sunup to sun down. 

Other free options include the Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis Zoo, Science Center, Grant’s Farm or Forest Park. 

Union Station in downtown Saint Louis offers a variety of attractions including a 200 foot ferris wheel, aquarium, and ropes course. While the attractions are not free of cost, they would most definitely make for a fun-filled day. 

Spring break is just that, a break. If a vacation is not on the horizon this March, there is no need to be upset. 

Another student responded, “Get some sleep; do homework;  recuperate.”

Students should take this week-long break as an opportunity to catch up on work, sleep and rest. A week of relaxation is certainly possible to execute even if they’re not lying on a beach somewhere. It could be just what students need before they begin the last few months of school until summer break.


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