Students, staff share favorite presidents

Jackson Parks
Contributing Writer

Presidents Day is an important day to remember some of the country’s favorite presidents. Staff and students shared who they believed were America’s greatest leaders.

SSD teacher Marina Holcomb said, “My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln.”

Holcomb added, “Abraham Lincoln helped free the slaves, and he was a very strong and admirable leader. He was one of our best presidents.”

Sophomore Ben Pires said, “My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln because he was a very honest man and a good leader for our country.”

Ashylnn Cox, sophomore, said her favorite president is Lincoln.  “He’s my favorite president because he helped end slavery, and he was a very honest man who fought for change,” she said.

Andrew Wuebbeling, sophomore, said, “My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln because he brought the nation back together, and he died believing in equality for all.”

Sophomore Mason King said, “My favorite president is George Washington. […] I like him because he was the first president, and he set many precedents for future presidents to follow. He also led the continental army in the Revolutionary War.”

Sophomore Ben Allison said, “George Washington, because he is one of the Founding Fathers of our country. He helped free us from Britain, and he made our country what it is. He is a great first president of our nation.”

Sophomore Annie Kennerly said, “My favorite president is Barack Obama because he was an inspiration to not only the African American community, but also the women that he and his wife supported throughout his entire presidency.”

Hannah Heimann, sophomore, shared, “My favorite president is Barack Obama because he was one of the few presidents who really put the people first. […] He was kind, and he always tried to make a difference.”

Government teacher Conner Katsev shared that his favorite president was Harry Truman. “He started a lot of the principles of modern government,” he said.

About her favorite president, sophomore Anna Karpen said, “My favorite president is Donald Trump because he is the most pro-life president that we have ever had.”

Regardless of his place in the political spectrum, only 44 individuals have served as President of the United States, and all are remembered on Presidents Day.


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